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about us

Environment and Health NGO

Environment and Health NGO (ENVI&Health) is established in October 2011 by young enthusiasts, representing various CSOs, state bodies, Academy, as well as individuals, who are concerned about environmental and health care issues. The NGO located in Armenia and act globally. ENVI&Health aims to promote an establishment clean and healthy environment through the youth sector, encouraging youth to take responsibility for the environment conservation and decision-making. Emphasizing the potential of youth in general, ENVI&Health highly welcomes the new creative initiatives and is eager to generate innovative ideas for the solutions to environmental and health care issues.

our vision and mission

ENVI&Health VISION is together we can make Earth Green for our future. Our MISION is to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and expertise among young people from all over the world, to foster youth involvement in nature conservation and decision-making processes based on a better scientific understanding of the environmental issues and determinant of public health.

what we do

ENVI&Health focuses on developing effective and sustainable preventive policies, innovations, and interventions to enhance environmental conservation and public health. We act through youth to foster public awareness-raising, environmental education and the introduction of innovative technologies and ideas that promote green solutions. We believe that together we can keep the Earth green and sustainable for future generations.

4+ Years of Operation     5+ Projects implemented
152 Communities involved     223 Schools participated
1500+ Children and youth familiar to environmental issues


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Be with us, let’s act together to keep the Earth green and sustainable.